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Why Choose
Noosa Hearing?

With so many options available, how do you know you’re choosing the best for your ears?

Noosa Hearing is the only truly independent, full time Audiologist in Noosa. So why choose us? Here are some of the main reasons that set us apart from our competitors.


Noosa Owned & Operated

Independent Audiologist

Noosa hearing is 100% locally owned and an independent hearing clinic. Therefore, we are free to provide you with unbiased advice and prescribe what is best for you. Our primary focus is your long term hearing health, so we have access to a complete range of hearing devices. Furthermore, to ensure that you are provided with the best possible outcome suited to your needs and lifestyle, we have gained access to a wide range of manufacturers. This ensures that our patients get the right solution for their hearing needs.

World Class Technology by Natus

Accurate diagnosis relies upon the precision of the equipment used. Therefore, Noosa Hearing keeps up to date with ever evolving technology and has invested in world class technology by Natus. Our diagnostic equipment is not just for show – it supports our patients’ evolving needs with clinical expertise, continuing education, and outstanding technical service. Therefore, our Audiologists can diagnose and manage your hearing health effectively and accurately. Rest assured, your overall hearing ability and the function of each part of the ear will be measured.

Generous Consultation Time

To get a comprehensive understanding of your hearing needs, your consultation time will not be rushed. We go beyond a basic screening and put in the time and effort to understand exactly what challenges you might be facing and complete a thorough hearing assessment. To keep a clear and open line of communication, your results will also be discussed with you. Thereafter, we’ll provide you with a personalised recommendation, because one size doesn’t fit all.

Part Of The Community

We’re part of the community and also 100% locally owned. We aim to help our community understand their hearing better. So we host a monthly event that brings us and our services out into the community. Anyone with an interest or concern about any aspect of ears and hearing is welcome to attend. Furthermore, our regular monthly events provide a supportive meeting place. The exact details are made available on our facebook page monthly. Alternatively, contact us for details.

More Time

Our appointments are longer and our Audiologists aren’t rushed. They have the time to go beyond just a basic screening for hearing aids.  We’ll complete a detailed hearing assessment a comprehensive hearing health check. There will be time to discuss your results along the way. After that, we’ll provide a personalised recommendation rather than a one size fits all fix.

University Qualified

A university qualified Audiologist will be taking care of your hearing health needs. To clarify this point, we’re not an Audiometrist. In addition, our Audiologists are also members of Audiology Australia, the professional association in Australia. Therefore, we practice under the professional code of ethics. We also maintain and attend professional development activities, also regulated by Audiology Australia.

Hearing Health Care for the Whole Family

Noosa Hearing provides hearing health care for the whole family, from the age of 5. We can provide hearing care and support for you, your children and in many cases, your parents too.

Continuity of Hearing Health Care

Our principal Audiologist, Deidré Breytenbach, will see you at each of your appointments, so you’ll have continuity of hearing health care. In doing so, we get to know you and your ears, and we will be able to monitor even the slightest changes in your hearing. Moreover, Noosa is our home, and we would like you to become part of our family here at Noosa Hearing.

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