Hearing Devices

Hearing Aids

Hearing aid styles come with varying degrees of technological sophistication and compatible accessories. We’re here to recommend the best hearing aid for your type of hearing loss. We’ll also help you choose the style and functions which best match your lifestyle needs. Being 100% independent means we’re not limited to any specific type or range of hearing aids. We’re free to access and recommend all types.


Hearing Aids

How can we help you choose a suitable hearing aid?

Before our principal Audiologist Deidré Breytenbach recommends any hearing aids, you will undergo a comprehensive hearing assessment. We also take great care to ensure that any medical concerns you may have will be addressed.

We will provide all the information you need to ensure your hearing solution is matched to your needs and hearing goals. We also discuss:

  • The degree of the hearing loss (power requirements)
  • The size, shape and health of your ear(s)
  • Manual dexterity & visual abilities
  • Your daily activities and lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Your preferences – style, size, colour, controls and features

Why choose Noosa Hearing for your Hearing Aids?

We are different. We believe that the value of purchasing a hearing device doesn’t lie in the device only but rather having it skilfully adjusted and set up for your hearing and lifestyle needs. We support you along the entire journey. Don’t just take our word for it read our reviews or ask your GP about Noosa Hearing.

We guarantee continuity of care. This leads to better patient outcomes because we already know and understand your unique hearing loss, lifestyle and needs. We also pride ourselves on our exceptional after sales service.

Treating hearing loss has a significant impact on your quality of life and relationships and we can’t wait to help you along your hearing rehabilitation journey.


Deidre Brytenbach of Noosa Hearing conducting a thorough hearing assessment for one of her patients

Comprehensive Adult Hearing Tests

Our comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments are provided by a university qualified Audiologist. We do more than a basic hearing screening.

Young boy in red sweater playing connect 4 during a hearing test and hearing assessment

Comprehensive Children's Hearing Tests

Specifically designed for children over the age of 5 years, our comprehensive children’s hearing assessments are available without the need for a referral.

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