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Accessing the NDIS for Hearing Loss

by | 24 Jul 2022 | News

The NDIS is a new way of providing support/funding to Australian citizens under the age of 65 with a permanent disability, including hearing loss.

This is a huge step forward for those in Australia with hearing loss. Until recently there have been no funds available for those with hearing loss who are older than 26 years and not on a pension.

Accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme consists of a few steps outlined below.

Check your eligibility:

Obtain evidence of your hearing loss:

  • You will need to obtain evidence of your hearing loss in the form of a report from your Audiologist
  • Contact Noosa Hearing on 07 5231 8867 to arrange an appointment for an assessment and Audiological report.
  • Please note there is a fee involved for a comprehensive hearing assessment and report which you may have to cover yourself depending on your situation.
  • Make sure you mention if you have a pension card when booking an appointment.
  • Your audiologist should also provide a quote for any hearing aids or assistive devices appropriate for your hearing loss. You will need to provide this to the NDIS along with your Audiological report.

Apply for NDIS Access:

Develop Your NDIS Plan. If Access is approved an NDIS planner will contact you to help establish your personalised plan.

To arrange an initial NDIS assessment, simply call Noosa Hearing to arrange a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment on 07 5231 8867.

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