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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

by | 18 May 2021 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Devices, News

Bluetooth hearing aids enable hands-free phone calls from your iOS or Android device. They also deliver stereo sound quality streaming for TV, music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts and more.

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has greatly elevated the hearing aid wearing experience. It enables hearing aids to double as highly-personalized, custom audio devices. It’s an example of using today’s wireless technology in a smart way that provides convenience for hearing aid wearers.  

Today we are more connected electronically than ever before. Friends, family and business colleagues all expect to be able to reach us in seconds.

Here’s what you need to know about Bluetooth in hearing aids, and why it can make your life easier.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a communication technology that helps connect two or more electronic devices. This happens wirelessly within a short-range, so they can exchange sound or information. It uses high-frequency radio waves to share information, and it’s completely safe and secure.

The type of data that can be exchanged is versatile and can be anything from sending a picture from a mobile phone or streaming audio from a TV to wireless headphones. A wide variety of products incorporate Bluetooth connectivity, including mobile phones, music players, computers, tablets and televisions.

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

Bluetooth technology is a little bit different when it comes to hearing aids. Because for small devices that don’t have a lot of battery capacity, but have to be on most of the time, classic Bluetooth takes too much energy.

That’s why they use Bluetooth Low Energy. Low energy Bluetooth provides reduced power consumption while maintaining communication range and also making sure that the sound isn’t delayed. Bluetooth low energy is used for many things, including heart rate monitors, smartwatches – and now hearing devices.

Also, hearing aids are unique because, very often, people use two hearing aids. This means there are two devices that need to communicate with each other while also connecting to another Bluetooth device. That means you need two Bluetooth channels

With the latest generation of Bluetooth hearing aids, this technology enables wearers to make hands-free phone calls or stream stereo sound quality from TV, smartphones or other devices.

What can you do with Bluetooth hearing aids?

With Bluetooth you get a more personal listening experience. Sound can stream to both ears, and talk on the phone with sound being sent straight to your hearing aids. This way the sound you hear will be less prone to distortion; it’s generally easier to hear, and sound becomes more personalised.

Bluetooth devices also allow you to connect to hearing aid apps. They allow remote control of the hearing aids.

Bluetooth hearing aids have an optional accessory, allowing you to stream the TV signal in stereo directly into your hearing aids. So, just plug an accessory into your TV and you are ready to stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids.

How do I set my hearing aids up for Bluetooth?

Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz connection to exchange data between devices instead of using a cable.

The first thing you need to do is to pair the devices – that is, make sure they can communicate! We’ll help you get started.

How is Bluetooth different from Wi-Fi?

Bluetooth connects two or more wireless devices within a short-range. Whilst Wi-Fi will connect your device to the internet from anywhere. Lots of electronic and domestic devices are controllable through Wi-Fi. The heating in your house is controllable, for instance. Bluetooth is a good way to connect to the devices you are close to in that moment. It uses less power than Wi-Fi and is cheaper to implement.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids easy to use?

Yes and no. Managing Bluetooth hearing aids isn’t difficult if you’re used to other everyday devices. Contact us to learn more about what would suit your needs or to trial the latest Bluetooth hearing devices.


Bluetooth adds functionality to hearing devices. So your hearing aids are more than just amplification for hearing loss. Contact us to discuss the benefits of the latest hearing aids.

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